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And the Winners are...


Best Film: Pick Our Fruit - Isack Hoppitt

Best Director: I Am Awake, Always - Nyssa Mitchell

Best Cinematography: Special Agent DeBurgh

Best Editing: The Best Story About Pizza You'll Ever Hear

Best Script/Screenplay: Samaritan

Best Sound Design: Monster Proof

Best Actor: After the Away - Jamie Rogers


Best Film: Fun Times - Matthew Victor Pastor
Best Director: Love is a Lunatic City - Hannah Moore

Best Cinematography: Laura -

Best Editing: The Water Inside Us All

Best Production Design: Henry Needs a New Home

Best Comedy: Peach

Best Script/Screenplay: Fun Times

Best Sound Design: Laura

Best Actor: Special - Katherine Richardson


Best Film: The Size of Things - Carlos Felipe Montoya

Best Director: What Happened To Us - Christine Stronegger

Best Cinematography: The Frog Prince

Best Editing: Let's Pretend I'm Talking About You

Best Production Design: Exist!

Best Sound Design: Sounds

Best Script/Screenplay: L'araingée (The Spider Crab)

Best Actor: The Size of Things - Diego Estiven Delgado

Best Actress: ANNA - Svetlana Barandich

Best Comedy: Bumper

Best Drama: Messy

Best Children's Film: Junu Ko Jutta (Shoes of a Little Girl)

Emerging Talent Award: Committing Fraud to Pay My Taxes

Creativity Award: LANDING

Highly Commended: Magnum Opus

Highly Commended: Love X Bites

Highly Commended: Ashmina


Best Film: REWIRE - Katerina Alexander
Highly Commended: Symmetry

Highly Commended: Nice Trip

Highly Commended: The Gull's Shriek

Highly Commended: Malingee

Highly Commended: Migrant


Best Film: NGUMPIN KARTIYA - Ben McFadyen

Runner Up: The Good Deed

Highly Commended: Whiteface

Highly Commended: Kajanaqtuq


Best Film: Bird's Eye - Morgan Albrecht

Highly Commended: Help, I've Gone Viral!


Best Film: Peach Lane - Take this Day - Rowen Grant

Highly Commended: Adrian Sutherland - Politician Man

Highly Commended: Furious Monk - Kamikaze Everybody

Highly Commended: Glitoris - Slut Power

Highly Commended: Cas & Lex


Best Film: Oober Driver - Micael Orwitz

Highly Commended: Unfortunate Luck

Highly Commended: Entangled

Highly Commended: The Shirt

Highly Commended: 244 Years Later


Best Film: To The Dusty Sea - Héloïse Ferlay

Highly Commended: The Winter

Highly Commended: Roses in The Night

Highly Commended: The Quiet