and the winners are...


Best Film: Becoming Emma Braintree - Joshua Koske

Best Director: Odd One Out - Andrew Robb

Best Cinematography: Unseen - Samuel Steinle

Best Editing: The Future is Fabric - James Lane

Best Art Direction: The Academy Story - Nic Vevers

Best SFX: VR Grampa - Ché Baker

Best Script/Screenplay: Unseen - Michael Lawrence-Taylor

Best Sound Design: Wake - Sam Hosking

Best Actor: Invited - Craig Alexander

Innovative Story Telling: Street Theatre Series - Craig Alexander & Creswick Collective 


Best Film: The Exit Plan - Angus Wilkinson, Ella Cook & James Buckingham 

Best Director: The Handyman - Nicholas Clifford

Best Cinematography: Antecedents - Daniel Spriggs

Best Editing: Aquaphobe - Sam Matthews

Best Art Direction: The Familiars - Lily Bennett & Max Draper

Best Production Design: The Case of the Shanghaied Songbird - Fiona de la Lande 

Best Drama: Hook Up - Laura Nagy

Best Comedy: Perfection - Gregory Kelly & Scott Marrinan

Best Script/Screenplay: The Handyman - Nicholas Clifford

Best SFX: Carmentis - Jaclyn Hewer

Emerging Talent Award: an eight letter word starting with A - Natalia Cricri

Best Actor: Cactus & Mime - Roby Favretto

Best Actress: This River - Madeleine Magee Carr


Best Film: White Clad - Reza Fahimi

Best Director: The Third Night - Hélène Delage

Best Cinematography: Yours to Bury - Amanda Ferrarese

Best Editing: Babatoura - Guillaume Collin

Best Production Design: Faleminderit - Christina Schaffer

Best Script/Screenplay: The Kicked Dog - Craig Boreham & Max Hemmings

Best Sound Design: You Haven't Seen What I've Seen - Dominika Czajkowska

Best Actor: The Kicked Dog - Clive Russell

Best Actress: Yours to Bury - Hannah Aniela

Best Drama: Incurable

Best Comedy: Noses on the Run


Best Film: Hello Frisco - Ava Bounds
Highly Commended: Agricola 7101

Highly Commended: Home Short Film

Highly Commended: Through My Eyes

Highly Commended: Worse Things

Highly Commended: Error

Highly Commended: Beijing Baby


Best Film: Wirun - Ebony McGuire

Runner Up: Roll'n - Daen Sansbury-Smith

Second Runner Up: Walking in Two Worlds - Luke Curie-Richardson & Jamie Morris

Highly Commended: What is Australia Day?

Highly Commended: Indigenous Police


Best Film: Three Meters and a Few Centimeters - Mostafa Salehi Nezhad

Best u18s Film: Dementia - Bella Merlino

Highly Commended: The Academy Story

Highly Commended: Unseen - Michael Lawrence-Taylor


Best Film: "Freedom - Jordan Hart" - Michael Joseph McDonald & Joe Bluhm

Highly Commended: I could not love you enough

Highly Commended: Canary - Howlite

Highly Commended: Beautiful Animal - Fly Felix


Best Film: Mullét Heights - Johnny Milner

Highhly Commended: Pedidos

Highly Commended: La Voyage de la Lune

Highly Commended: Dark Passage

Highly Commended: The New World: Variations on Stay-Home Activies


Best Film: Signs - Dustin Rees

Highly Commended: The Midnight Sun

Highly Commended: The Intronauta

Highly Commended: Every Sunrise

Highly Commended: Wild Lea


Best Film: The Summons

Highly Commended: The Formation of a Cloud

Highly Commended: Otonashi