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and the winners are...


Best Film: Marionettes (and the virtue of a lotus flower) - Prajdnik Awasthi

Best Director: Clare Young - Love Forever

Best Cinematography: Jack Saltmiras - Mine Mine Mine

Best Editing: James A Thomas - Set Times

Best Production Design: Dan Sanguineti & Denai Gracie - EXO226

Best Script/Screenplay: Kaitlyn Boyé - Straight On 'Til Mourning

Best Sound Design: Lachlan Kendall - CAPTCHA

Best Art Design: Jessica Orcsik - Starry Eyed

Best Acting: Hannah McKenzie - Love Forever

Emerging Talent: Denai Gracie

Highly Commended: Dungeons, Goblins and Broccoli - Dan Sanguineti

Highly Commended: Tea Break - Tom Pugh

Highly Commended: Hafekasi - Annelise Hickey & Josie Baynes

Highly Commended: Follow Your Nose - Ruth Pielor & Ujjwal Rai

Highly Commended: Just Like Horses - Deborah Kingsland


Best Film: Svengali - James Robert Woods & Stephanie Jane Day

Best Director: David Robinson-Smith - Mud Crab

Best Cinematography: Nicholson Ren - Jia

Best Editing: Karen Pearlman - CUT

Best Production Design: Charlotte Wessel - We the Children of Caterpillars

Best Script/Screenplay: Finegan Sampson - Teach Me How to Cry

Best Sound Design: John Kassab - Breathe

Best Art Design: Sushi Noh
Best Actor: Ben Gerrard - Svengali, Monsters

Best Actress: Michala Banas - Breathe, Teach Me How To Cry


Highly Commended: Gîtar - Jack Rintoul

Highly Commended: Habitat - Brett Cousins, Teisha Lowry & Amelia Ford

Highly Commended: Baby - James Di Martino, Michael Llewellyn Bates

Highly Commended: MumLife - Ruby Challenger & Claudia Shephard

Highly Commended: The More the Storm - Nathan Croft & Victoria Schaw


Best Film: The Old Young Crow - Liam LoPinto

Best Director: Tan Ce Ding - Please Hold the Line

Best Cinematography: Freddie Whitman - Crack Shot

Best Editing: Geoff Ashenhurst & Sean Wainsteim - Demon Box

Best Production Design: Alina Bashirova - CIRCLE

Best Script/Screenplay: Liam LoPinto - The Old Young Crow

Best Sound Design: Peyman Khodaei - Hands

Best Acting: Portia McLaughlin - The Innkeeper

Best Score: Steve Hackman & Anibal Sandoval - CIRCLE

Best Comedy: The Innkeeper

Highly Commended: Rokh - Pegah Sajedi

Highly Commended: Arcadia Lasts - Aaron Shrimpton

Highly Commended: PANDA - Sasha Briggs & Sylvie Briggs

Highly Commended: EL FUNERAL - Sofía Blanco

Highly Commended: Sun is Up and I Shall Live - Jazmine Monaz & Macarius Chia


Best Film: Fragements of Self - Nancy Chamberlain

Best National: Distance by Yearning - Nicholas Dharma Gunawan

Best Canberra: Red Alert - William Timmers & Nathan Wang

Highly Commended: Hey Amica - Molly McLean, Nathania Arenas & Liisa Hagan Appoah

Highly Commended: The Homework - Yul Baek

Highly Commended: Duckumentary - Taj De Montis

Highly Commended: Picnic Panic - Mil Burford

Highly Commended: Crying Dolls - Miah-Tya Nungheena Gowland


Best Film: Bangay lore - Jahvis Loveday & Kiahma O'donovan

Best Series: Kutcha's Koorioke - Anna Grieve & John Harvey


Highly Commended: Allira - Tyeli Hannah

Highly Commended: Healing Heart Feeling Country - Robert Sherwood

Highly Commended: There I Was - MP Tremblay, Marie-Pier Morin & Mathias Mark

Highly Commended: I Am Kanaka - Genevieve Sulway

Highly Commended: The Great Kind Mystery - Ella Morton


Best Film: Everything belongs to you - Mani Pham Bui, Hien Nguyen & Tommy Vu Nguyen

Best National: No Such Thing As Sunday - Sebastien Rabas

Best Canberra: "Our Most Ancient Elder" : Kickatoo Tall Man Reburial - Ellie Gilbert


Highly Commended: Behind the Seen - Robin Gurney & Lawrence Blair

Highly Commended: Harton Moor - Erin Dickson

Highly Commended: Enemy Alien - Gabriel Murphy & Andrew McMartin

Highly Commended: untitled / unfinished - Matthew Victor Pastor

Highly Commended: A Way of Seeing - Cameron David Myers


Best Film: Minor Setback - Jake Armstrong


Highly Commended: Forest Claudette "Goodbye" - Flora Hadaway

Highly Commended: Glitoris "Sock Puppet" - Marisa Martin

Highly Commended: Citizen Kay "so, where are we? chapter one" - Burrows & Adi

Highly Commended: Soupe Opera - Zoe Robinson


Best Film: The story of the guitar with only one string - Jansen Čapar

Best CBR: Unholy Matrimony - Lucy Smith


Best Film: Holy Men - David Lovric & Drasko Ivezic

Best Film for Children: Tiddalik - Meaghan Holborow


Highly Commended: Trace - Asparuh Petrov

Highly Commended: Llamas at the Laundromat - Martha Grant

Highly Commended: Ashnikko "Worms" - Raman Djafari

Highly Commended: End of the Night - Mawrgan Shaw

Highly Commended: 11 - Vuk Jevremovic

Highly Commended: Airborne - Andrzej Jobczyk, Jakub Karwowski & Piotr Szczepanowicz


Best Film: The Rose - Hilary Campilan


Highly Commended: A Butterfly is Knocking at the Window - Mohammad Hasani

Highly Commended: Protest - Nicci Haynes

Highly Commended: Demi-Godesses - Martin Gerigk

Highly Commended: and furthermore (indexed)

Highly Commended: I Am a Horse - Chaerin Im

Highly Commended: The Bridge - Liesa Cole

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