from the director

Canberra Short Film Festival, now in its 27th year, is open again for submission.

We are keen to see your latest work.

The festival will once again offer awards in 10 separate categories;

  • International

  • National

  • Canberra

  • Documentary

  • Animation

  • First Nations Film

  • Music Video

  • Schools/Under 18

  • 2 Minute Film

  • Experimental

We love to bring our audiences films that move, entertain and provoke and our judges are looking for films that are cinematic, innovative and tell meaningful stories in fresh ways.

We are very excited to announce a new category for Canberra filmmakers!

In conjunction with our partners, Smith's Alternative, we are running a short short category, filmmakers are asked to make a film no longer than 3 minutes which is based around the Smith's Alternative venue. In fact 50% of your film must be shot there. 


Smith's are providing 5 cash prizes and all entries will be screened during the festival. 


Submissions are open on Filmfreeway now and, in this special category, will remain open until the beginning of October.  

The festival screenings will run in Canberra from Friday 4 November through until Sunday 20 November.

We are looking forward to seeing your film.


Exciting New Category
  *Just for Canberrans*
  Open until 2 October!