Well, 2020 was a challenging year, but that didn't stopped our filmmakers!

For our 25th year we had record breaking submissions, at almost 700 films across the 9 categories.  

The judges worked hard and made difficult decisions, we have finally arrived and chosen 216 films, that is almost 27 hours of screen time for the festival.

Congratulations to all the filmmakers, whether you were selected or not, it is a great achievement to complete a film and the general quality this year was very impressive.

In these COVID times, we are working with our venues to ensure public health & safety and for this reason we have decided to have a 2-part festival. In our 25th anniversary year we wanted to celebrate with some screenings in 2020, and ran 9 screening events, between Friday 20 November and Monday 30 November.

We are back in March 2021 for 12 more big nights including; our Opening Gala Night, a Retrospective to mark our milestone year, Awards Night and a range of other exciting screening events right across Canberra.

This year we have introduced some strands as part of the screening set up based on some of the distinct themes we saw that ran through many of the films. In the coming programs you will see; 

  • Fright Night (horror and thriller films)

  • Environment & the World Around Us (films around our environment)

  • Identity: Sexuality and Gender Politics

and finally after a year like this one;

  • 2020: The Year That Was (COVID, bushfires and BLM).

We are proud to have introduced the first of our Inaugural Schools Screening, showcasing the great work of students from Canberra, Australia and the world.

We look forward to meeting you at the screenings.