And the Winners are...


Best Film: Della Mortika: Carousel of Shame - Marisa Martin

Best Director: The Chosen Vessel - Johnny Milner

Best Cinematography: #fail - Will Jordt

Best Editing: You Are Enough - Michael Hanson

Best VFX: Story Time - Adam Walker

Best Sound Design: The Chosen Vessel - Nick Munnings & Johnny Milner

Best Art Direction: Australian Sweetheart - Jane Inyang

Highly Commended - Cinematography: Dagger One - Elliot Ceramidas


Best Film: Troll Bridge - Daniel Knight
Best Director: Natalie - Tess Emerson

Best Cinematography: Brolga - Tim Tregoning

Best Editing: Natalie - Shannon Mihaelas

Best Production Design: Bloom - Isobelle Amie

Best SFX: Troll Bridge - Christian Block

Best Screenplay: Before I Go - Lauren Bailey and Nick Cain

Best Score: Backing up Bilitis - Abbie Pobjoy

Best Actor: Before I Go - Nick Cain

Best Actress: Natalie - Arnijka Larcombe-Weate

Highly Commended: DIY - Lu Borges


Best Film: Portraitiste - Cyrus Neshvad

Best Director: La Chrysalide - Lily Landecy

Best Cinematography: You're Still Here - Katayoun Parmar

Best Editing: Blow Out - Daniel David Stewart & Jessica Rose

Best Production: Earthy Encounters - Sam Johnson

Best Score: Acaiaca - Wagner Cinelli

Best Screenplay: Extra Sauce - Alireza Ghasemi

Best Sound Design: You're Still Here - Ramin Abousedgh

Best Production Design: Mellow Yellow

Best Actor: Extra Sauce - Antonio Lallo & Ben Janssen

Best Actress: Sac de Merde - Arielle Haller-Silverstone

Highly Commended: Kinship: A Short Film - Roslee Yusof


Best Film: Reflective Abstraction - Ted Pearson
Highly Commended: This is a Teenage Love Letter - Tessa Hill

Highly Commended: found - Thaine Wood


Best Film: Brolga - Adrian Powers

Runner Up: Jade Runner - Nevanka McKeon

Runner Up: Swallows - Victoria Thompson

Highly Commended: Acaiaca - Wagner Cinelli

Highly Commended: The Creation of the World - Antonio Coello


Best Film: Jade Runner - Nevanka McKeon

STF/Dendy Award: The Green Light - Nic Vevers

STF/Dendy Student Award: The Underdog - James Anderson


Best Film: Eleanor Giovanni - Imaginé - Eleanor Evans & Giovanni Aguilar

Highly Commended: RAT!hammock - Ghost - Michael Ridley

Highly Commended: Billy Fox - Let's Be Honest - Alex Campbell

Highly Commended: Neon Palms - Kiss me Malibu - Makel Arraiz


Best Film: Teddy Bear - Sophie Holloway

Highly Commended: Plus One - Ömer Çolak

Highly Commended: sleepless - Soudabeh Kamrani

Highly Commended: The Key - Daniel Sanguineti


Best Film: Two Balloons - Mark C. Smith

Highly Commended: Greyish - Eghbal Shirzaei Sani

Highly Commended: Moon Above the Raging Sea - Steven Jerram

Highly Commended: Pipe Dream - Ben McCullough

Highly Commended: The Lost Sound - Steffie Yee