2017 Winners

CSFF 2017 Awards and Certificates

National Category
Best National Film: Late Moves - Thomas Hudson and Cameron James

Best Director: Wandering Soul - Josh Tanner

Best Cinematographer: The Dam - Joshua Flavell

Best Editing: Somersault Pike - Kate Lefoe

Best Screenplay: Red Ink - Duncan Graham

Best Actress: Serving Joy - Andrea Swifte

Best Actor: Late Moves - Cameron James

Best Comedy: Venice - Venetia Taylor

Best Sound Design: Wandering Soul - Jade van der Lei

International Category

Best International Film: 3 Kinds of Fear - Bruno Bini

Best Director: They Live in forests They are very shy - Saeed Taji Farouky

Best Cinematography: No Ghosts - Magnus Atli Magnusson

Best Editing: Energy - Martin Gerigk

Best Screenplay: 3 Kinds of Fear - Bruno Bini

Best Sound/Score: Misimpressions - Salina Fisher

Best Actor: They live in Forests - Tom E Lewis

Best Actress: No Ghosts - Lísbet Freyja Ýmisdóttir

Best Art Direction: Nation Down - Liam Hendrix Heath

Best Comedy: Suicide Hotline - Jon Cordiner

Canberra Category

Best Canberra Film: The Yak Herder’s Son - Tenzin Phuntsho

Best Director: Wake - Michael Ridley and Callum Bodman

Best Editing: The Big Appeal - Hana Tow

Best Cinematography: Brothers in Alms - Sebastian Chan, Luke Paterson

Best Screenplay: Hologram - Christian Doran

Best Score: Jingle Man - Peter Casey

Best Actress: The Big Appeal - Nikki Rossendell

Best Actor: The Flow Down - Hayden Splitt